Early Childhood Music Education Classes with Bobby Doowah:

Numerous recent studies have found that when young children are engaged in making music with an adult, they greatly benefit in the areas of memory retention, attention regulation, and the acquisition of positive social skills.

Beginning musical activities, on a social level, engage children with their parents or caregivers and enhance emotional well-being.

Building neural pathways occurs from birth. Sensory stimulation is vital to enhancing brain cell connections. As children grow, their active participation within a musical learning environment provides an ideal place for this to occur.

Having the opportunity to teach a child right from their earliest years can have a huge impact on their abilities as learners and/or musicians in the future. Giving them the right foundation in music is truly my greatest joy and motivation. Starting them out on a lifetime journey of creative expression and joyful learning.

Learning to Love Music
Through Multi-sensory Interactive Experiences

Sessions emphasize:

-Visual, Auditory and Tactile experiences
Lessons are planned to incorporate a selection of activities to enhance these experiences such as:
• Playing of rhythmic percussion instruments (drums, tamborines & rhythm sticks)
• The playing of tuned percussion instruments (chimes, xylophones, etc.)
• Hands-on introduction and the playing of Keyboards and String Instruments.
• Finger Plays
• The introduction and learning of key musical concepts and symbols.

• Singing and dancing

• Circle Games

• Creative Movement with col orful props (parachutes, scarves, streamers etc)